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Off-Season Updates - 11-21-16

-Good luck to all athletes preparing for their winter season! No matter what the sport, competition is strongly encouraged for all XC athletes.

-The first indoor conditioning workout for the Boys XC & Track distance runners is Tuesday, November 29th. Runners will meet Monday through Friday and head to the weight room Mondays and Thursdays. For the month of December, athletes should expect conditioning to end around 4:30 on non weight room days and at 5:15 on weight room days. Coach Elsey will also be running at 8 a.m. from the Kensington East Boat Launch most Saturdays throughout the winter/spring/summer. All indoor/winter conditioning is optional for all athletes. Athletes that are ready to begin training should contact Coach Elsey for specifics.

-We train outside throughout the winter on the roads around BHS. Runners need a hat, gloves, and layers when running. It's always better to be over-dressed shedding layers than under-dressed wishing for extra layers.

-There are multiple indoor meets through the winter. Info on meets can be found on the Michigan Indoor Track Series website There are specific rules on what high school coaches can and cannot do when working with athletes at these club meets. Feel free to contact Coach Elsey with any questions.

Upcoming Dates...

November 29th - First optional "Indoor" workouts begin.

January 1st - Resolution run and pancake breakfast.

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