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Updates - 7-12-21

-Despite the weather interruptions the team had an excellent Kensington Camp! Thank you to the athletes and parents for adjusting with poise to the last minute location change. Pictures of the camp are posted here.

-This week's single track trail is at the Stinchfield Woods, Peach Mountain area. We will meet at 8:00 near the parking area on Stinchfield Woods Rd. Here are directions from BHS. Parking is limited with only a few spots and roadside parking. There are no trail maps or sign posts identifying trails. Attending runners should be able to maintain contact with the group and be comfortable with the planned 40 minute run accidentally turning into a 70 minute run. Attending athletes should be picked up around 9:30. Bring bug spray!

-Friday's July Time Trial is the first opportunity for runners to meet the 11:30 time standard to qualify for Team Camp in June. 2021 Team Camp Info.

-Thank you to everyone that has completed this season's registrations/paperwork. The 2021 Paperwork google sheet shows what items have been completed/checked in. Row 1 in the sheet contains links to all the forms.

-The Info/Docs page of the team website is a great resource for parents and athletes new to BXC. Sections on nutrition and aches and pains are useful starting points for runners looking to take the next step in their training and/or to treat/prevent injuries.

-Contact Coach Elsey with questions - - 248.408.5984


This Week's Schedule

Monday - BHS 8-10:15 (meet at back practice field near tennis courts)

Tuesday - Bishop Lake 8-10:15 (meet near Sandhill Crane picnic shelter)

Wednesday - Peach Mountain 8-9:30 (meet by Stinchfield Woods parking area)

Wednesday - BHS 4:45-7:00 (meet at track, pick up near pool entrance)

Thursday - Huron Meadows 8-10:15 (meet near Sunset Ridge picnic shelter)

Friday - Bishop Lake 8-10:15 (meet near Sandhill Crane picnic shelter)

Saturday - Kensington 8-9:15 (meet at the West Boat Launch parking lot)

Upcoming Dates

Middle School XC Camp - July 26th through 29th

Camp Time Trial - July 30th

BXC Parent Meeting - August 4th

BXC Team Camp - August 9th through 13th

Pinckney Dual Meet - August 20th



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