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2024 Brighton XC Captains

Tyler Brock

Hello, my name is Tyler Brock.  I started XC in 5th grade to stay fit. As I progressed to high school my love for the sport quickly grew. The team embraced me and I valued being a part of a larger community. I have loved going to the team dinners, playing ultimate and nuke'em, and becoming friends with all the guys. I also love working towards the same goal as the guys. Outside of XC, I'm involved in Track and Field, Boy Scouts, Truthfinders, Interact, and BKOM. I'm excited for this XC season, team camp, and the process of chasing a state title!

Elijah Forbord

Hello! I'm Elijah Forbord. l originally was a swimmer that started running because I heard that the two sports complement each other very nicely. I love XC because it is one of the very few things in life where you can see the results of your hard work directly, and because I get to come out every day and challenge myself alongside the best friends a guy could ask for.  I'm super excited to test our limits this season and to compete with the best teams in the state. Go Bulldogs!

Brady Millington

Hello, my name is Brady Millington. My first experience running was Maltby's running club in 5th grade. I had always enjoyed physical activity in gym class and running at soccer. I love cross country because of the great culture created by our team. It's a hard working group of guys striving towards a common goal, always wanting to improve. In addition to running, I dabble in basketball and playing ultimate frisbee. I am very excited to see how we do in 2024!

Tyler Outlaw

Hello, my name is Tyler Outlaw and it is a great honor to be a captain for this team. This program has such a rich history and tradition and I know our guys are committed to taking the next step. I started running in order to get in better shape for baseball a long time ago, but really started to enjoy competitive running in middle school. My experience as part of the high school team has been beyond anything that I could have imagined. Having a chance to grow and compete alongside my brothers under the guidance of our coach is an experience that I will never forget. I look forward to all of the pain, sweat, tears, laughter, and joy that lies ahead. This team will be doing what it takes to make our school and community proud this fall.

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