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2022 Brighton XC Captains

Luke Campbell

Hello, my name is Luke Campbell. I started running in 7th grade for Track, because my older brothers ran, and I had always really liked competing in distance races. Originally running was simply a breath of fresh air, but the more I ran, the more I liked it. So instead of playing football my freshman year, I joined the cross country team and quickly fell in love with the sport and the program. What I love most about XC is the team’s camaraderie, the values of working hard, and the sense of freedom running brings to my life. Outside of cross country I am involved in Brighton’s YoungLife program, and the Naz Church. I am very excited about the 2022 XC season, and the day-to-day process of working hard with my teammates and pushing myself and others to be the best runners we can be. Last year we were able to bring home the state title, and expectations remain high in 2022!

Tyler Langley

Hello, My name is Tyler Langley. I am a junior and began running in 6th grade. I started running to improve stamina in both basketball and soccer. I quickly fell in love with the sport - the running high, the rush of adrenaline from racing, and cheering on teammates. Cross country is the ultimate mental battle, and our team makes the journey spectacular. All the ups and downs, the blood, sweat, and tears are celebrated in a non-replicable brotherly bond. I run year-round and enjoy learning about cars and playing basketball in my free time. I can't wait to see how our team can evolve and respond to meet new challenges. Most importantly, after winning a big state title, we must stay humble and hungry for the next season. 

Brady Matuszewski

Hello, my name is Brady Matuszewski. I started running in second grade because my brother and sister ran. I love cross country and track because of my teammates. They make the sport fun and exciting, pulling me back for more. They encourage me to work hard for my goals and be competitive. In addition to running, I participate in YoungLife, and enjoy playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, nuk' em, and other fun games with my friends. Summer training is probably the best part of cross country. You get to hang out with your friends every morning and play games after working hard to get fit for the upcoming season. In addition, I am looking forward to seeing our success throughout the season. I believe we have the best work ethic and can make big things happen come post-season.

Dylan White

Hello, I am Dylan White. I started running around 6th grade because my brother was about to join the high school team and I decided to give it a shot. I love XC because of the great environment that we practice in and the great friends you can make. I also do skiing and weight lifting during the winter part of the season. I'm very excited meet the new members of the team and for the opportunity to compete for another state champ.

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