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Off-Season Updates - 4-28-24

-BHS T&F is quickly approaching championship season. Our athletes steadfast commitment to the process has lead to several PRs, RQs, and breakthrough performances. The experience gained through competition and training this spring helps to ensure BXC will be competing with the best teams this fall.

-Over the past few weeks many BXC runners have volunteered their Sunday afternoons to support the BARC youth T&F program. These amazing athletes (and many more not pictured) continue to be excellent ambassadors for our sport and our program.

-This year's Scranton visit to meet with incoming 9th graders during SMS lunches is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22nd.

-With the end of the T&F season rapidly approaching, now is good time for athletes that have trained consistently throughout the winter and spring season to consider getting their Ferritin (blood iron stores) levels checked. Even runners with excellent diets should still get checked periodically if they've been engaging in consistent quality training over several months. This is especially true for athlete's expecting to compete at a high level (it's hard to run fast if your muscles aren't receiving enough oxygen). What Is Ferritin by Dr. Kornoelje explains the importance of iron, the nuance of low ferritin levels, and a plan for checking and treating iron related issues. The Jack Daniels videos: When to get Blood Tests and Iron Stores provide additional insight on the importance of blood tests for competitive endurance athletes.

-Good luck to our BXC athletes competing in lacrosse and baseball this spring!

-Contact Coach Elsey with questions - - 248.408.5984


Upcoming Dates

MHSAA T&F Regional Championships - Friday, May 17th

MHSAA T&F State Championships - June 3rd

2024 Summer Dead Period - June 30th through July 6th

Summer Time Trials - July 19th and 31st

BXC Team Camp - August 12th through 16th

BXC first official practice - August 19th



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