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Brighton Men's XC Captains

Luke Campbell

Hello, my name is Luke Campbell. I started running in 7th grade for Track, because my older brothers ran, and I had always really liked competing in distance races. Originally running was simply a breath of fresh air, but the more I ran, the more I liked it. So instead of playing football my freshman year, I joined the cross country team and quickly fell in love with the sport and the program. What I love most about XC is the team’s camaraderie, the values of working hard, and the sense of freedom running brings to my life. Outside of cross country I am involved in Brighton’s YoungLife program, and the Naz Church. I am very excited about the 2022 XC season, and the day-to-day process of working hard with my teammates and pushing myself and others to be the best runners we can be. Last year we were able to bring home the state title, and expectations remain high in 2022!

Tyler Langley

Hello, My name is Tyler Langley. I am a junior and began running in 6th grade. I started running to improve stamina in both basketball and soccer. I quickly fell in love with the sport - the running high, the rush of adrenaline from racing, and cheering on teammates. Cross country is the ultimate mental battle, and our team makes the journey spectacular. All the ups and downs, the blood, sweat, and tears are celebrated in a non-replicable brotherly bond. I run year-round and enjoy learning about cars and playing basketball in my free time. I can't wait to see how our team can evolve and respond to meet new challenges. Most importantly, after winning a big state title, we must stay humble and hungry for the next season. 

Brady Matuszewski

Hello, my name is Brady Matuszewski. I started running in second grade because my brother and sister ran. I love cross country and track because of my teammates. They make the sport fun and exciting, pulling me back for more. They encourage me to work hard for my goals and be competitive. In addition to running, I participate in YoungLife, and enjoy playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, nuk' em, and other fun games with my friends. Summer training is probably the best part of cross country. You get to hang out with your friends every morning and play games after working hard to get fit for the upcoming season. In addition, I am looking forward to seeing our success throughout the season. I believe we have the best work ethic and can make big things happen come post-season.

Dylan White

Hello, I am Dylan White. I started running around 6th grade because my brother was about to join the high school team and I decided to give it a shot. I love XC because of the great environment that we practice in and the great friends you can make. I also do skiing and weight lifting during the winter part of the season. I'm very excited meet the new members of the team and for the opportunity to compete for another state champ.

Jack Campbell (2021)

My name is Jack and I started running cross country in 7th grade. I started running because I was pretty slow and I wanted to be faster then some of my friends. Not long after, I fell in love with the sport. When I got to high school, I started to take the sport seriously. My attitude shifted. I liked improving and getting PR’s but my favorite part was the process of working ever day year around for a goal. Along the way, I picked up friends who I will have for the rest of my life. They have given me every reason to train even harder. Aside from cross country, I am involved in young life and track. This up coming season, I’m most excited to grind it out with the fellas, guide our new teammates, and bring home another State title.

Risto Crouse (2021)

Hello, I am Risto Crouse. I joined cross country in 7th grade because some of my friends were doing it, and it ended up being one of the best decisions. The bonds made through hard work with teammates are like no other, and they have allowed for some of the most fun experiences of my life. I am very excited for next season, and hopefully another state championship. I run year round, and participate in Boy Scouts in troop 347 as well. I can't wait to see what this team can accomplish.

Quinn Cullen (2021)

I started running in 6th grade to help me get in shape for basketball, but the feeling of a PR hooked me, and running soon became my main sport. I love cross country because of the brotherhood, and the bonds you make with your teammates while simultaneously pushing each other towards success. Aside from running, I like to spend time with my friends and family and listening to music. I'm most excited to give the 2021 season everything I have, meet the incoming runners, and hopefully come out with a State title.

Ashton Krill (2021)

Hi, I’m Ashton Krill, and I started running in 7th grade because I wanted to be apart of a school sport. Running has made me grow as a person and taught me that persistence and hard work does pay off. Cross Country has also given me the opportunity to become super good friends with some of the greatest people out there. This upcoming year I'm looking forward to seeing the team make it back to states (hopefully taking home another state championship) and spending time with the boys.

Jack Campbell (2020)

Hello, my name is Jack Campbell. I’m a Junior and I’ve been running since 7th grade. I joined because I wanted to get in better shape. Since then I’ve my love for running has grown and I run year around. What makes running so great is the team. Everybody is always pushing each other to become better runners and better people. Apart from running, I participate in “CLUB” and Young Life. I’m very excited for the upcoming cross country season. I’m excited to meet the new freshman and to continue the legacy of shooting for championships.

Quinn Cullen​ (2020)

Hi my name is Quinn Cullen and I'm a Junior. I started running in 6th grade to get in better shape for basketball season. The feeling of a PR hooked me, and kept me running through my neighborhood everyday. I love cross country because of the brotherhood and the competition it creates. I get to run with people who share the same dreams as I do, and each day we push each other to reach them. I am involved in the team “CLUB” and I enjoy spending time in nature. I am extremely excited to bring the same winning attitude and intensity that we had my sophomore year, into this cross country season.

Ethan Lee (2020)

Hey! I’m Ethan Lee. I am a senior. I started running in 6th grade when I tried out the new run club at Maltby. I had a humble beginning, but I have worked my way up through the years to be where I am today. I love the challenges, pain, and the competition that comes with running. The triumphs you receive at the end of the day are totally worth it. Outside of Cross Country, I am the drum major for the Marching Band. I am excited to keep working and set an example of excellence and perseverance within the team to help compete for another state title.

Andrew Simon (2020)

Hello, I am Andrew Simon and I started running in 8th grade in order to make some friends because I had just moved to Brighton. I fell in love with the sport during my freshman year when I started training seriously. Although the training was hard, I got hooked on the feeling of camaraderie throughout the team. I am involved with the band, and I am excited to feel that same camaraderie that got me hooked on to the sport into my senior year

Dan Campbell (2019)

Hi I’m Dan Campbell and I have been running since 7th grade track. Before I started running I played baseball, football, and basketball. Freshman year I really found my passion for running and I joined cross country. It has taught me to persevere and to work hard. Running has gotten me closer to my friends and helped me create new friends. Running has also helped me grow as a person and chase after my goals in life. Next season I am really looking forward to the team bonding and seeing what we can accomplish with all the work we  have put in. Last year we got tenth in the state and that is awesome, but I know if we put our mind to it we can accomplish much greater together as a team!

Andrew Hanna (2019)

Hello, my name is Andrew Hanna. I started running back in 7th grade because I needed a sport to do. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I fell in love with the sport. I love the team bonding we get out of the cross country. The team will build strong friendships with you, they’ ll push you, and they’ ll make you a better person. I am also involved with the track team throughout the winter and spring, and I am currently a boy Scout in Troop 347. Last year the team was first in the division, second in the conference, first in the region, and tenth in the state. I am looking forward to working with the team even more this year to continue our climb up the state ladder and to finish even stronger than previous years.

Scott Spaanstra (2019)

I’ ve been running for a long time, but I used to be a sprinter. At the end of 8th grade, a friend of mine recommended to me that I sign up to run cross country my freshman year of high school. Even though I had never raced more than a 200m, I decided to give it a go. Turns out, that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel the best part about cross country are my teammates. I didn’ t know that when I joined cross country I’ d also be meeting some of my best friends. I also participate in swimming and track & field. I am looking forward to seeing the improvement of the team as a whole, and to see what we can do at the state meet.

Jack Spamer (2019)

I’m Jack Spamer, and I started running in seventh grade because I needed something to do, and I didn’t really have a sport that I was good at. At first, I wasn’t too keen on the whole “ running” idea, but I’ m glad that I made the decision to join. I love cross country because of my teammates who never fail to make runs, workouts, and school a little more interesting and fun. I run year-round, as I participate in both indoor and outdoor track, and this led to my obsession with running shoes.   Next season I’ m excited for team camp (obviously), and tear’ n up the course with the team.

Zach Stewart (2019)

I started running in 7th grade because of complications in my parents schedule where they wanted my brother and I to be on the same schedule. I enjoyed the feeling of just being able to run with friends and a smile on my face. Before running I spent the majority of my adolescence in the hockey rink, enjoying the coldness. I am most excited about the possibility of winning a team title. We have been on the rise for the past couple of years, our program is getting stronger and we are adding more depth. We have been so close in the past and just had one bad day in the past season. This season we will have no bad days.

2018 Captains
Nick Barr (2018)

I started running in 7th grade because I had friends that were doing it and I wanted to try something new. Shortly after joining the team, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and quickly learned that running could help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. The best part about cross country is all of the friendships you develop with your teammates. Besides cross country I am on the ski and distance track teams. Some of my favorite activities include graphic design and listening to music. Next season I am looking forward to pushing myself and my teammates to improve our times and to help the team return to states.

Aidan Bustillo (2018)

I started running in 8th grade when my friends convinced me to come out for track and then joined cross country that next fall. Outside of cross country, I am involved with my church and band. I love having fun with my friends in all our team games like nuke ' em and competing with my friends in every race. I'm excited for this upcoming season so that I can bond more with my teammates on and off the course and help the team qualify for our third consecutive state meet this fall!

Sean Foster (2018)

Hi, I’ m Sean Foster.  I started running in the spring of 7th grade during track, and I quickly realized my passion for running. I love the team aspect that cross country possesses. Throughout the season, you build very strong bonds with your teammates through rigorous mental and physical challenges. You rely on each other to push one another to get the job done in both practices and meets. Last year, we placed 3rd at Regionals and 17th at States. This was an awesome achievement, but we're looking to do even better in 2018. A lot better. There’s plenty of room for improvement since we have a pretty young, and dedicated team. I believe with hard work and commitment, there's nothing stopping us from being top team in the state.

John Monroe (2018)

I started running in my 7th grade year. My sister was on the Brighton High School Varsity XC team and watching her run motivated me to go out and try it for myself. I love the team aspect of XC, everyone is running together and training as a team. I also like that running is something that I can do for fun. Other sports I participate in are indoor track and outdoor track. I am most excited to see how the team performs next XC season. It will be my Senior year and the guys that I have trained with for four years have come a long way. I am also very excited to help newer runners improve and have a good experience as a member of the team.

Nathan Tsiang (2018)

Hi my name is Nathan Tsiang.  I started running in 8th grade during track simply because I had a few friends who were doing it too.  I didn’t care for it much at first because of how difficult it was but the incredible atmosphere of the cross country team is what really made me fall in love with the sport.  It’s a place where you get to build awesome friendships and bonds with your teammates while being able to push each other to become the best athletes possible.  During the spring and winter I also run track but I am also on the board of interact, an amazing club that strives to help make Brighton’s community a better place.  I am so excited to watch this team full of young talent be able to grow closer and stronger throughout this upcoming season.

2017 Captains
Spencer Crompton (2017)

Running has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.   I started running beside my dad when he was training for his marathons.   When I came to the first summer practice my first year, I loved how open and inviting the team was.   Running with the team made running more fun and way more enjoyable.   Cross country is great because everyone can do it.   It takes no talent or skill.   It’ s the work ethic and time you put in that gets you your results.   Being successful in this sport is 95% mental and 5% physical.   Our team has gotten better and better each season and I’ m looking forward to what we’ ll do next season.

Sean Foster (2017)

Hi, I’ m Sean Foster, I’ ll be a junior this fall and this is my third year running. I started running in the spring of 7th grade during track, and I quickly realized my passion for running. I love the team aspect that cross country possesses. Throughout the season, you build very strong bonds with your teammates through rigorous mental and physical challenges. You rely on them to push themselves to get the job done in both practices and meets. Last year, we placed 3rd at Regionals and 26th at States. This was an awesome achievement, but next year I’ m looking for us to do even better. There’ s lots of room for improvement since we have a young team, and I believe with hard work there’ s nothing stopping us from being top ten in the state.

Matt Knop (2017)

Hi I'm Matt Knop. I have been in the Brighton Cross Country program since my freshman year and can't wait to see what we can do this year. Last year we had our best record in many years, a great showing at conferences and made it to states. We have a strong group of returning varsity runners, as only one graduated last year. This combined with our strong leadership will carry us to a lead spot in our conference and another appearance at states. Somethings I do outside of running is play in WIND ENSEMBLE for our Brighton bands and I am a leader in scout troop 347.

Alec Gillis (2016)

Hi, I'm Alec Gillis and this is my second year running. I started running track my sophomore year after a lot of convincing from my friend Patrick. When starting out, the whole team was inviting and I could tell they loved both the social and physical aspects of running. I was inspired by the dedication and grit my senior leaders displayed. From then up until now, I have strived to improve my physical abilities and mental toughness, and I enjoyed the strong team bonds I've formed along the way. I'm most excited to watch our team grow throughout the season and to break new barriers as a team member and as a team.

Justin Matuszewski (2016)

I started running when I was in 5th grade. My mom was coaching at Brighton and my dad ran every morning with his friends. It seemed only natural that I ran as both of my parents did. Although I did not like running in middle school, and played tennis my freshman year, I have truly come to love this sport. I love cross country because there are few things I enjoy more than pushing my body to its limits and finding out what I can do. Along with cross country I am also involved in YoungLife, BKOM, and work at Great Harvest. I am very excited about our upcoming season. I look forward to helping our team become a cohesive unit and working together to compete against other schools in the state. One Team, One Dream, Go Dogs!

Patrick Tucker (2016)

I started running in seventh grade because I didn' t know what else to do. My neighbor, who was a former cross-country captain for the Brighton team of 2013, told me to try it. I am very glad that I chose this sport. Cross-country doesn' t require a large investment of equipment, all you need are a pair of shoes and some determination. Besides running for the cross-country team I am also a member of the track distance team, the band, and happen to be a huge car fanatic. I am really looking forward to the 2016 season. I have been running with some of the people on the team since seventh grade and hope to make it a great last year. My times this year were not so hot and I am looking forward to making 2016 a redemption season. We also had an amazing freshman group in 2015 and I can't wait to see what they will be able to do this season.

2016 Captains
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