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End of Season Updates

-The boys finished their 2022 season placing 3rd place at MIS with Tyler Langley earning All-State honors! Results are posted on

-The 2022 team qualified for their 7th consecutive trip to the D1 State finals, finished in the top 3 for the third time in four years, and saw 15 runners break 18 minutes for 5K. The eagerness of the runners to train with their teammates during the off-season is the driving factor in the program's success. Athletes not competing in a winter sport are highly encouraged to join our optional indoor season workouts.

-All BXC runners that have trained consistently throughout the summer and fall should consider getting their Ferritin (blood iron stores) levels checked. Runners with excellent diets should still get checked periodically if they've been engaging in consistent quality training over several months. This is especially true if an athlete's performance doesn't correlate with the amount of training put into the season. What Is Ferritin by Dr. Kornoelje explains the importance of iron, the nuance of low ferritin levels, and a plan for checking and treating iron related issues.

-Uniform return is Wednesday, November 9th. Athletes need to return their washed and dried uniforms to Coach Elsey's classroom.

-Awards Night is in the Maltby cafeteria from 7-9:30ish on Monday, November 21st. We will not have food or drinks (bring your own coffee). All runners and families are encouraged to attend and celebrate the season!

-Good luck to all BXC athletes trying out for winter sports!

-Contact Coach Elsey with questions - - 248.408.5984

This Week's Schedule

Wednesday - Uniform Return

Upcoming Dates

Awards Night - November 21st

First Optional Indoor Season Workouts - November 29th



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