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Updates - Week of 7-18-16

  • Monday, July 18th is our strength and conditioning testing. The kids will need to meet at the BHS Track at 8 a.m. The rest of the week will follow the summer calendar.

  • When we do our Saturday long runs the kids will run a mileage appropriate to their training and are ready for pick up after stretching. The mileage kids do for a long run may be as short as 4 miles or as long as 12+ depending on their training. If they are not sure how far they should run or what time to be picked up they may ask me or one of the more experienced runners. We meet in Kensington at the East Boat Launch.

  • All summer workouts are optional until official practices start Aug 10th.

  • This past week the kids were given emergency cards. The sooner they're returned the better.

  • Please remind the kids to pack recovery food for after the workout. They should not be waiting to get home to eat. Ideally they'll be eating while they're stretching.

  • Feel free to share my email with anyone else that may benefit from these updates.

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