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Off-Season Updates - 1-20-19

-So far this winter the kids have had several PRs on the track and countless laughs on their runs. The quality time this winter strengths the team in multiple ways. Every athlete not in a winter sport is highly encouraged to attend. Details are r-mailed weekly.

-At our Team Expectations meeting in December the team prioritized more team events away from practice and competition. The first event is bowling on February 3rd. Details will be r-mailed later this week. Captains will share the info on their group chats.

-The tentative summer schedule is posted here. The combination of the preseason down time and later start to the season have moved up the time trials that determine who attends Team Camp. Details on team camp will be posted in the upcoming months.

-Good luck to all the athletes striving for excellence this winter season!

Upcoming Dates...

Team Bowling - Sunday, February 3rd

MITS Indoor State Meet - Saturday & Sunday, February 23rd & 24th

BHS Track and Field first official practice - Monday, March 11th

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