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Off Season Updates - 12-6-20

-Despite the drop in temperatures and restrictions on team activities we've had multiple athletes return to training. Optional off-season workouts have been and will continue to be r-mailed to the runners each weekend. The strength of the program continues to be the willingness of the athletes to put in the work during the offseason. Hopefully the numbers/science will soon show that the remaining fall sports and winter sports can all resume activities safely.

-Virtual Awards Night is this Thursday at 7 p.m. All athletes and coaches have been invited to a Google Meet via their school Gmail accounts. Only athletes and coaches will be in the Google Meet. The BXC Awards Night Google Meet will be livestreamed for family/friends to view. Details will be shared later this week via Remind and/or BXC Facebook. Awards night will move to in person if restrictions are reduced.

-Now may be a good time for athletes with higher training volumes to get their blood iron levels checked if they were unable to do so earlier this year. The article What Is Ferritin by Dr. Kornoelje does a great job explaining the importance of iron, the nuance of low ferritin levels, and a plan for checking and treating iron related issues.

-Contact Coach Elsey with questions - - 248.408.5984

This Week's Schedule

BXC Virtual Awards Night - Thursday, December 10th



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