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Updates - 6-29-20

-The team has had very strong numbers so far this summer! The work the athletes are putting in now is laying the ground work for a successful fall.

-This past week coaches and athletes discussed the importance of nutrition and iron levels. The Spartan Nutrition document provides excellent information on when/what to eat and hydration basics. Iron is extremely important for endurance athletes as it helps with the transportation of oxygen. Now is an excellent time to get a baseline for blood iron levels with the season still early and athletes still feeling relatively fresh. Dr. Jack Daniels' anecdotes may get a little long winded at times but he helps explain the importance of iron in these two videos: Iron Stores and When to get Blood Tests. The USOC Iron Fact Sheet and Ironing Out the Details are also good starting points for more information on iron.

-We are rapidly approaching the Middle School XC Camp. Our BHS runners do a fantastic job of mentoring these younger athletes and their willingness to volunteer makes this camp a success.

-Under normal circumstances the team would be entering the MHSAA Dead Week. However, this year the Dead Week has been shortened to July 3rd-5th. Coaches are not allowed to have any contact or communication with athletes during this time. Runners and families heading out of town are encouraged to have fun and stay safe!

-Contact Coach Elsey with questions - - 248.408.5984


This Week's Schedule

Monday - BHS 8-10:15 (meet by back practice field, pick up by track)

Tuesday - Huron Meadows 8-10:15 (meet at Sunset Ridge picnic shelter)

Wednesday - Bishop Lake 8-10:15 (meet at Sandhill Crane picnic shelter)

Wednesday - BHS 3:45-5:30 (meet at the track)

Thursday - Huron Meadows 8-10:15 (meet at Sunset Ridge picnic shelter)

Upcoming Dates

Single Track Trail Wednesday - July 8th @ Island Lake

Kensington Camp - July 9th @ Martindale Beach

Single Track Trail Wednesday - July 15th @ TBD

July Time Trial - Friday, July 17th

Single Track Trail Wednesday - July 22nd @ Highland Rec



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