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Updates - 7-13-20

-The athletes took this year's changes in stride and made the most out of their Kensington Camp experience!

-The second single track trail is at Peach Mountain in Stinchfield Woods. We will meet at 8:00 near the parking area on Stinchfield Woods Rd. The parking area is a combination of about 3 parking spaces along with roadside parking. There are no trail maps or sign posts identifying the trails. Runners need to be able to maintain contact with the group and be comfortable with the planned 40 minute run accidentally turning into a 70 minute run. Athletes should be picked up from the parking area at 9:30. Bring bug spray.

-The July Time Trial is this Friday. Under normal circumstances this would be the first opportunity to qualify for the Team Camp in August. Plans for this year's camp are still developing.

-Contact Coach Elsey with questions - - 248.408.5984


This Week's Schedule

Monday - BHS 8-10:15 (meet by back practice field)

Tuesday - Huron Meadows 8-10:15 (meet by Sunset Ridge picnic shelter)

Wednesday - Peach Mountain 8-9:30 (meet by Stinchfield Woods parking area)

Thursday - Bishop 8-10:15 (meet by Sandhill picnic shelter)

Friday - Bishop 8-10:15 (meet by Sandhill picnic shelter)

Saturday - Kensington 8-9:15 (meet at West Boat Launch)

Upcoming Dates

Single Track Trail Wednesday - July 22nd @ Highland Rec

MS XC Camp - Monday, July 27th through Thursday, July 30th

Camp Time Trial - Friday, July 31st

BXC Parent Meeting - Wednesday, August 5th



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